It All Begins Locally.  Will You Support Our Work?

SD53 Engages Our Community & Elects Strong Progressive Leaders At All Levels So We Can Create Positive Change

We live in a tough battleground district but SD53's engagement work helped contributed to a blue sweep in November at the federal and state level in our district.  As we have seen with the 2020 Election and the attempts to overthrow the results, having informed & engaged citizens is more important than ever.  

It all starts here, in our community.  Please support our ongoing local work and get a 100% refund from the state.  MN's Political Contribution Refund (PCR) has reset for 2021.  That means the state will fully refund a donation of $50 donation ($100 per married couple). 

How Does It Work?

All you have to do is donate $50 (or $100 per married couple) to SD53, and we'll mail you a receipt and quick & easy form to submit to the state, and shortly thereafter the state will send you a direct deposit or check for your entire $50 (or $100 per married couple). We know it sounds too good to be true but it's that easy, and it has a significant impact. It's a win/win and we just need a few moments of your time.

Full program details can be found here.  Any questions about the program?  Please ask us at

Donations can also be made by check made out to Senate District 53 and mailed to:

Senate District 53
PO Box 25893
Woodbury, MN 55125

Note there is a maximum total PCR refund of $50 per year or $100 per married couple.

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