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We are local residents working together to promote progressive values, advocate equality for all people, and create strong communities through service, education, and empowerment.

We are the Big Tent Party.  We encourage a broad spectrum of views among our members. We embrace our diversity--gender, occupation, social-economic status, sexual orientation, labor unions, and farm organizations. We believe (as a group) we are not monolithic, and we do not take any vote for granted. We are focused on knowing our neighbors, and we believe SD53 plays a vital role in our community.  

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PO Box 25893
Woodbury, MN 55125


The precinct is the smallest political unit in the country where its residents vote at one location.  It is also your neighborhood where you are invested in the outcomes of issues that directly affect you and your family members.  Precincts are SD53's grassroots effort to get-out-the-vote, to support voter registration efforts, to recruit activists to work on campaigns--to name a few.  Each precinct has a Chair and Vice-Chair (click here for the job description).

Join our team to affect change in your neighborhood.  Contact our Precinct Coordinators at sd53precincts@gmail.com.

Don't know your precinct?  Click here  (Minnesota Secretary of State Pollfinder)

Leadership Team


Chair: Cheryle Carter - chair@sd53.org

Vice-Chair: Anand Balar - info@sd53.org

Outreach & Inclusion:  Sonia Mehta - sd53outreach@gmail.com

Treasurer:  Pat Williamson - sd53treasurer@gmail.com

Secretary:  Jodell Miller -  sd53secretary@gmail.com

Social Media & Communications: Michelle Behling - sd53communications@gmail.com



Campaign Coordination - Fred Dempsey-Hess

Precinct Coordination - Key Hendrikson & Jennifer Willette

Database Management - Tom Miller

Fundraising Coordination - Jodell Miller

Leadership & Development - Char Nitardy

Issues & Programs - Patricia Perez-Jenkins

Event/Volunteer Coordination - Pat Williamson

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